Content Filtering – Questions

Questions about Content Filtering
What are illegal websites?

A website is illelgal if it’s content violates the law, for example in Germany all websites that contain information about right wing radicalism, glorification of violence or pornography involving children, animals or violence. Websites that are rated 18+ (for example with erotical contents) are not allowed to be accessed by people under 18.

Who is liable to prosecution?

In Germany anyone who offers internet access to the public is liable to prosecution. Therefor the use of any program and action that can help reducing the risk of being held responsible is highly recommended.

How can providers of public access help themselves?

By using a filter software the risk of misuse or violation of the law can be reduced. There are quite a number of different filter products on the market nowadays, all of them work in different ways. For sure no program will ever be able to provide a 100% protection because the internet changes very fast and new website appear every day. The best possible protection is a software that offers contstant and immediate updates which are automatically on your PC without your onw input.

We are absolutely confident that the WebBlock Proxy software is one of the best and most sercure products of its kind due to the technical methods, the expert knowledge of our developers and the fact that updates of the filter lists are frequent, immediate and absolutely automatic.

My customers are all 18 years and older – do I still need WebBlock?Yes, it is still recommended to use WebBock so that websites with contents such as glorification of violence that are illegal for everyone (adults also) can be blocked.

How does WebBlock Proxy work?WebBlock Proxy is based on a Global Filter List which contains at the moment about 700.000 websites that are being blocked. These websites are classified in categories. Certain categories can only be acceessed by certain customers: for example websites with erotical contents can only be accessed by adults. If someone tries to access a website that is blocked he will get a block-screen which tells him, why the site has been blocked.

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