WebBlock 2012

More than 6.000 computers in German Internet Cafes, schools and libraries run with WebBlock 2012!

Try out the various functions of WebBlock 2012 Filter software!

General Description:
The software WebBlock allows you to block certain websites which contain information about illegal or rated contents on computers with public internet access.

The software is based on the blue image Global Filter List which contains about 1.000.000 websites that can be blocked. The list is constantly being updated. Additional lists such as the BPjM-Module (by the German government, for more information please go to have been integrated.

In additional to this the owner of the internet access can create local Blacklists (blocked websites) and Whitelists (unblocked websites).

The updates of the Global Filter List are based on three principles:

  • new websites are contantly added by blue image
  • entries and requests of WebBlock users / owners of computers with public internet are being checked and added to the list
  • websites that have been blocked unnecessarily are being checked and if appropriate deleted from the list

WebBlock works with all popular browsers.

WebBlock doens’t only filter websites but also the internet search in the most common search engines. This way the search of certain items and terms can be blocked.

The special module “WebBlock Logfile” creates a protocol of all visited websites which is especially needed in Italy.

The WebBlock software can allow age-controlled access by using the InterCafe billing software. You can find more information about this possibility at >>

System requirements:
WIN XP, WIN Vista, WIN 7 (32bit / 64bit)