WebBlock 2012 – Features

Features in WebBlock 2012

Controls access to and search for websites with certain contents

WebBlock is based on a global filter list. In addition to this list you can add entries to a local blacklist (blocked websites) and a local whitelist (unblocked websites).

Which contents are being blocked?
The Global Filter List contains websites with certain contents such as erotic/pornographic contents. WebBlock also blocks the search for such contents in the common search engines.

How many websites are being blocked?
The Global Filter List contains about 1.000.000 entries at the moment. The German BPjM-Module is part of the Global Filter List. If you wish to get more information about this module please click on this link (sorry, only available in german): http://www.bundespruefstelle.de/bpjm/die-bundespruefstelle,did=59090.html

Additional Functions:
With the additional module “WebBlock Logfile” a surf protocol can be created. This is especially usefult for internet points in Italy (because of the Anti-Terror-Law) and for companies who wish to control the surf behavior of their employees.

The Global Filter List is constantly being updated. Since the software is based on this filter list the new updates of the list are valid immediately. This especially allows the use of WebBlock 2011 with Recovery Software.

License EUR 10,-/Client

Yearly fee:
EUR 60,- for internet cafes
EUR 24,- for kiosk systems / Home Edition

Trial time:
20 days free trial!

For more information please call +49-7461-966-5010.