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Where do you install WebBlock Proxy?
WebBlock Proxy only needs to be installed on one computer in the network (in internet cafes for example on the Server). All other computers can use WebBlock through the network.
Which settings do you need to change in the Browser at the Clients?
Enter the computer name or the IP-address of the Server as Proxy address in the setting of the browser at the Clients. The port settings are normally set to 8082.

If using Microsoft Internet Explorer you will find the proxy settings in Extras -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN-Settings -> Proxy Server.

How can I setup WebBlock Proxy with InterCafe 2004?
WebBlock Proxy can be used together with the tariffs of the InterCafe Software. To do so, please activate WebBlock Proxy as special module in the options of InterCafe 2004.

You can then define the WebBlock settings for each tariff, for example create a student tariff where adult contents (such as pornography) are blocked.

If you are using Internet Explorer you can set the proxy settings in the WebBlock Software and transfer them to them to the Client automatically.

What’s wrong if the Internet works at the main computer but not at the client computers?
This usually indicates that the WebBlock Proxy is not running. Please double check if the program has been started. If the WebBlock Proxy doesn’t get started automatically you need to activate the service in the software.
What’s wrong if the WebBlock doesn’t block?
Please double check if the WebBlock has been set as Proxy in the browser. (->Which settings do you need to change in the Browser at the Clients?). If these settings are correct and the WebBlock is still not blocking the pages that should be blocked please check in Computer Overview -> Edit Computer List if the filter has been activated for this client computer.
A website is blocked that is not supposed to be blocked. What can be done?
First of all, double check the categories which you want to be blocked for this computer. For example: if you want to look up informationen about the MSN-Messanger, the categoryInstantMessaging shouldn´t be blocked.
If the blocking of the website is not due to the blocking of a category you can enter the website into the local whitelist (in WebBlock Proxy Websites -> Whitelist). Then this website will always be accessible in your cafe.
A website is accessible but is really supposed to be blocked. What can be done?
First of all, double check if the website belongs to a category which isn’t set to be blocked.
If this isn’t the case you can enter the website in the local Blacklist (in WebBlock ProxyWebsites -> Blacklist). Then this website will always be blocked in your cafe.